Buy-to-lets are an easy way to create cash flow to achieve financial freedom.


We offer fully packaged services from initial deal analysis through to Estate Management of Investors portfolio.


Our investors enjoy complete hands-off services and this model suits especially if you are in a 9 to 5 job but a passionate property investor.


Talk to us on how we can assist using our knowledge to become a stable rental cash-flow. More importantly our deals offer are value add projects meaning you can recycle your capital to build a strong portfolio. 

Buy-to-let Case Study:

Property Purchase Price – £95,000


Build Costs – £21,000


Legals & Professional Fees – £5,000


Valuation – £165,000


Refinance after 3 months (Money Out) – £116,000


Money left in the deal – £5000


Monthly Gross Rent – £900